“Legends never die.” – Unknown

“A legend in their own time.” – Unknown

“Legends are made, not born.” – Unknown

“Living like a legend.” – Unknown

“It’s not a legend if it’s true.” – Unknown

“We are the legends of our own story.” – Unknown

“Legends are stories that never fade.” – Unknown

“To become a legend, you must first be extraordinary.” – Unknown

“Legends are born through adversity.” – Unknown “The legend lives on.” – Unknown

“Legends may fade, but they never die.” – Unknown

“Every legend has a beginning.” – Unknown

“True legends never stop learning.” – Unknown CONVERSATIONS WITH FRIENDS QUOTES

“A legend is someone who leaves a lasting impression on the world.” – Unknown

“Legends are the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves.” – Unknown

“The greatest legends are the unsung heroes.” – Unknown

“Rise up to become a legend.” – Unknown

“Legends are remembered, not forgotten.” – Unknown

“Legends are the dreamers who never stop chasing their dreams.” – Unknown

“A true legend is never forgotten.” – Unknown

“Legends go beyond time and space.” – Unknown

“Legends are the ones who make history.” – Unknown

“Legends are the ones who change the world.” – Unknown

“Only legends survive the test of time.” – Unknown

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